About Us

The Louisiana FINS Association is organized exclusively for educational and training purposes. The association is made up of like-minded individuals wishing to educate themselves on the latest tools and techniques to best support the families in need of services within their respective communities.

Group of FINS Members

Why We Do This



To support the development of effective status offender systems (also called FINS programs) and/or a single model system for the informal response to status offenders in Louisiana.


To assist in informing and educating Louisiana FINS offices, state leadership, courts, service providers, public, and stakeholders regarding best system practices for responding to the unique needs of status offenders and their families.


To be a key resource regarding crisis response and short-term interventions that strengthen families, match them to appropriate services when needed, and make courts the last resort for status offenders.


To work collaboratively with necessary partners to assimilate, report, and utilize data for proposing recommendations associated with status offenders in Louisiana.


The Louisiana FINS Association is a non-profit association established to ensure that families of children who are identified as status offenders under the LA Children’s Code have timely access to a local system that is designed to match their needs with quality services, thus deterring youth from more serious offenses, such as delinquent arrest and/or delinquent adjudication.